Online Alcohol Rehab programme
Online Alcohol Rehab programme

Your Complete Alcohol Rehab done online – £2,495

How does it work: You will receive a Personal Assessment on day 1. Plus 28 Consecutive days of group sessions, where you can see everyone in the group (Max 8 people per group). Plus One to one counselling once a week by your own dedicated counsellor. Plus activities to help you, and other helpful work to do during your free time. Our Online Alcohol Rehab Programmes have been developed by Counselling Psychologists. This is the perfect programme for everyone who has had an alcohol detox. Either residential or a home detox. This is also Ideal for clients who have busy lives, or who are not wanting residential rehab. This can take place at home, at work, or anywhere you choose, as it is ALL DONE ONLINE. We also offer a 28 days Online Drug Rehab Programme at the same price. Call our team for details on: 07811 606 606

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We also offer The Sinclair Method

We offer the complete Sinclair method programme by the UK’s top providers. This is set at £1,295 as well. Whatever your life style, and whatever you need to get you off your alcohol addiction, I know we can help you. We also 5 residential rehab centres for those wishing to come in.

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There is not a better time to start your recovery from addiction. We offer the most supported alcohol home detox available anywhere in the UK at just one price of £2,495. We are now happy to offer an online alcohol rehab programme to follow your detox. This is a 28 day programme which includes a personal assessment, followed by 28 consecutive days programme which is all done online in total confidence. On top of this programme, you will also receive one to one counselling from your own dedicated counsellor on a weekly basis.

Online alcohol rehab programme is just one price of £2,495

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